Adult Only

Balmy Beach Resort Kemer is an oasis for adults only, with Kemer's vast turquoise sea and forests hiding every shade of green. You will discover new experiences in the unique universe of our adults only hotel in Antalya.

Witness the rebirth of nature in our adult-only hotel, which comes to life in comfort and bohemian touches. You will enjoy the luxury and comfort while feeling the modern Mediterranean air in our carefully designed rooms.

All your senses will be satisfied during your holiday with delicious and healthy meals that will appeal to the taste of all our visitors. You will be able to have a unique feast at the foot of Mount Olympus in the hotel, which has the most beautiful view of Kemer.

Balmy Beach Resort Kemer which serves to heal and relax your soul and body as a whole is the best adults only hotel in Antalya that you can choose with your group of friends or your partner. The best break you will give yourself by getting away from the hectic pace of the year will be a holiday with plenty of activities that you will spend with your loved ones. You are the only one who will witness unforgettable moments in Balmy's unique universe.

Pamper yourself with the adult only consept our Balmy Beach Resort.