Corporate Responsibility



  • To provide safe and high-quality service in order to provide the least harm to human health and the environment and the highest level of benefit by considering customer expectations,
  • To ensure full compliance with legal regulations and all conditions accepted by us as compliance obligations in all areas we operate with the participation of our employees,
  • To ensure continuous improvement at the most advanced level by identifying the risks and opportunities related to Emergency, Food Safety, Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Risk Management in all our processes,
  • To raise awareness of our employees by continuously training them on food safety, environment, sustainable tourism, hygiene and sanitation,
  • To create working conditions and measures to ensure the health and safety of all parties concerned from the hazards that may arise during or as a result of product and service realisation,
  • To provide awareness of what the implementation of Quality, Occupational Health, Food Safety and Environmental Management Systems will bring,
  • To prevent pollution at the source and to ensure the adoption of the philosophy of waste recovery with our "0" waste policy,
  • To minimize waste at the source, ensure the recycling of our wastes and reduce environmental impacts during disposal,
  • To meet the satisfaction and comfort expectations of all our guests within the scope of safe tourism,
  • That we will prioritize local sources and suppliers in a way to ensure fair competition,
  • To be effective in the life cycle approach by encouraging our suppliers and all our business stakeholders in environmental performance and green economy,
  • Minimizing the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and cultural heritage and maximizing the benefits of tourism (sustainable development),
  • To carry out activities to support the principle of sustainable development, to give importance to risks and opportunities in issues that will affect future generations such as reducing the effects of climate change and biodiversity,
  • To prevent negative impacts on the environment that may arise from our activities, to reduce air, water, soil pollution and noise with effective solutions based on the best available technologies