A perfect synthesis of business and holiday with bohemian elegance and modern comfort awaits you in Balmy style.

A perfect synthesis of business and holiday with bohemian elegance and modern comfort awaits you in Balmy style.

Workation Hotels Turkey

Welcome to Balmy Beach Resort in Kemer, where Balmy's lively spirit creates the perfect combination of business and fun with the perfect blend of bohemian and modern. Embrace the essence of Balmy style as you step into a unique business experience in this beach paradise. Imagine basking in the bohemian charm of our thoughtfully designed spaces, where productivity meets effortless relaxation.

At Balmy Beach Resort, one of Turkey's best Workation Hotels, we redefine the concept of work by offering an environment that meets not only your professional needs but also your desire for a refreshing escape. Imagine working against the backdrop of breathtaking beach views, where the rhythmic sound of the waves becomes your inspirational soundtrack.

Our modern and comfortable spaces suitable for work integrate seamlessly with the Balmy atmosphere, providing the perfect environment for you to unleash your creativity. While we offer all the facilities you can access in your office without compromising its bohemian charm, you will also experience an uninterrupted and trouble-free work experience with our high-speed internet connection.

Balmy Beach Resort's bohemian charm extends beyond your workspace. Let the Balmy atmosphere transform into a pleasant evening rest after a productive day. Enjoy a sunset stroll on the pristine beach, and gourmet meals at our seaside restaurant, and witness how the bohemian spirit blends seamlessly with modern comfort.

Balmy Beach Resort is not just a destination; It is a lifestyle where the boundaries between work and rest become a harmonious symphony.

Work and Holiday Together at Balmy Beach Resort Kemer

You will step into a unique working world at Balmy Beach Resort, where bohemian spirit meets modern luxury. Our work-friendly spaces exude bohemian charm by blending vibrant colors, handcrafted decor and cozy corners. You can enjoy the tranquility of lush greenery and magnificent coastal views while working in our accommodation units or outdoor areas, with high-speed internet and office facilities.

Whether you are working in your comfortable office environment reserved for you before starting the day in your room or working in front of your computer in places surrounded by nature, you can immediately start enjoying your holiday at the end of uninterrupted work.

Perfect Choice for Workation, Balmy Beach Resort Kemer!

Believe in the synergy of working and healthy living with Balmy. You will feel reborn with our wellness services such as spa treatments, yoga sessions, and beach meditation that will revitalize your mind and increase your productivity.

While having a relaxing holiday by abandoning yourself to calm waters after working non-stop, get ready for gastronomic experiences with local and international flavors that reflect the bohemian spirit of Balmy Beach Resort.

Embrace the unconventional, let creativity flow and discover the perfect blend of business and pleasure in an atmosphere that reflects the true essence of a relaxed lifestyle at Balmy Beach Resort