Chef's Table

Discover the richness of Anatolian cuisine

Chef's Table offers a culinary journey dedicated to Turkey's rich and diverse culinary culture. Chefs reshape traditional recipes with experimental ingredients, like a conductor where contrasts come together. It offers the experience of feeling the note of a melody while touching a painting. Each day, a carefully prepared menu is provided based on the cuisine of a different region. In this unique experience, you will meet the flavors inspired by seven other regions of Turkey and explore your palate.

The dishes served at Chef's Table invite you to an emotional journey and a visual feast. Each dish tells a story that stirs emotions and fires your imagination. Intertwined flavors meet at the intersection of lines and create extraordinary harmony.

Experience the flavors of Anatolian cuisine with the unique presentations of our master chefs, accompanied by the magnificent nature of Balmy and the vast blue of the Mediterranean. Find the wonderful fusion of local cuisines from 7 different regions of Turkey at Chef's Table. Get information about your Privileged Chef's Table reservation and pricing from our Guest Relations desk.